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Rental Fee-Free Nights: 08/04/2022, 09/24/2022, 11/11/2022

Juniper Rose Camper Rentals is owned and operated by Chris and Christian Scott. Just like the adventure seekers we serve, we are travel buffs and enjoy the outdoors and camping. That’s why we’re here — to share our excitement with others with a quality, reliable camper rental, RV rental and travel trailer rental. 

We specialize in an affordable camper rental, with all the expertise you need to fuel your next camping adventure. Travel in style, create epic memories and enjoy the ride - that’s what life is all about.

We Support Council Bluffs, IA Businesses

Juniper Rose Camper Rentals uses Pester & Meier Tree Service to keep our camper safe from tree hazards. We can count on Pester & Meier Tree Service to provide superior value!


Juniper Rose Camper Rentals uses Accurate Accounting, LLC for its financial services. We can count on Accurate Accounting, LLC to help us through our tax filing needs!

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