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Our Favorite Destinations To Visit In Oregon

Updated: Feb 1

Traveling in an RV is exciting—from the sight of the open road sprawling out in front of you to being able to pull over and sleep just about anywhere without paying for a hotel, there isn’t much that beats an RV vacation. 🛣

However, this incredible model of travel does seem to have one major downfall: with the option to go anywhere you want, how do you choose where to go? 🗺🧐

Here are 2 of our favorite destinations to visit in the state of Oregon:

📍Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater Lake is one of those bodies of water that is absolutely mesmerizing, and too beautiful to spend only one day exploring.

Located on Mount Mazama, this gorgeous caldera provides a crystal clear reflection of the scenery around, including the snow-capped mountains and sprawling spruce trees.

Underneath the lake has incredible visibility and is perfect for even rookie scuba divers to explore.

However, most people stay at crater lake for a very short time because of how cold it can get, so RV travel is the perfect mode of transportation for this stunning blue crater.

📍Multnomah Falls in Oregon

Another Oregon destination, Multnomah Falls is widely considered to be the most beautiful waterfall in the nation.

Located in the Columbia River Gorge along with over 50 other waterfalls, this cascading body stands out as both the tallest and most beautiful among them all.

In the dead of Oregon’s winter, you can see ice crystals dancing across its surface and snow dusting the double-tiered rock faces that frame it.

It is a beautiful sight!🤩their lives.