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Camper Rental Brings Peace and Privacy to Your Holiday Travels

Updated: Feb 1

There’s no place like home for the holidays. But after living on your own for a few years or more, returning to your parents’ house for an overnight stay can be a bit awkward. Even more so if you have a spouse joining you this holiday season. After all, no one wants to bump into their in-laws on their way to the restroom in the middle of the night! A camper rental allows you to have the best of both worlds: Time at home and your own space.

Make Everyone Happy with a Camper Rental for the Holidays

Parking a camper rental in the driveway or on the property of your family’s home provides just enough privacy with all the same conveniences of staying inside. A camper rental grants you your own space to sleep, shower, get ready for the day, and just take a moment to yourself as needed. However, you are not miles down the road in a hotel room, so your family can still host you for meals, offer you extra blankets, and have that holiday feeling of everyone being back home for a couple of nights.

If your family has grown over the years, and there are simply not enough beds for everyone inside, a camper rental works as an additional bedroom and bathroom to comfortably host the whole family.

Omaha Area Camper Rental

Our light-weight, pet-friendly camper rental can be easily towed by a mid-size SUV and includes a functional bathroom with stall shower, queen-sized bed, sofa bed, and kitchenette. This camper is can be conveniently powered by a dedicated 20amp household outlet to run things like the microwave. Sleep in peace and take your time getting ready before heading inside to hectic holiday preparations. You can even enjoy a calm cup of coffee to yourself before the guests all arrive and the holiday party begins.

For couples or small families who are traveling from town to town over the holiday weekend, our camper rental makes life easier. Instead of living out of your suitcases and travel toiletry bags for days on end, utilize all of the storage space in Tater Tot by unpacking your belongings and making yourself at home. You can even bring your small dog along for the trip, saving you from the stress of placing them in a puppy hotel for the weekend.

Whether you are local to Omaha and looking to travel far for the holidays or you are flying in to visit family in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area, Juniper Rose Camper Rentals is here for you. Learn more about our camper rentals and book today for your holiday travel needs.


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