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Hunting in an RV Rental (and Keeping it Within Budget)

Updated: Feb 1

Leading up to a hunt there is always excitement and anticipation to get out into the wilderness. Filling a tag or bagging a limit brings such satisfaction. Nothing beats the moment when you are sharing hunting highlights around the fire while enjoying fresh game. Yet, the lodging on such an outing is usually rustic or primitive. Extreme weather conditions and a lack of facilities tend to dampen the overall experience.

Owning an RV is an out-of-reach luxury for most hunters. Campers start at $5,000 and RV price tags rocket beyond $100,000. Not to mention the additional costs for off-season storage, insurance, maintenance, upkeep, and the list goes on. Consequently, many hunters can’t justify the hefty upfront and ongoing expenses for their hobby. But the benefits of taking either an RV or travel trailer on a hunt are endless.

RV’s Grant You More Space

First you fill your truck with hunting gear, equipment, camouflage, clothing, food, supplies, and coolers. Then there is the tent, stove, cookware, water, and bedding that all take up space. hese bulky items multiply with each additional hunter in your group or family member that tags along. Hopefully, there is room for enough food and changes of clothes. Then everything has to be set up once you arrive at base camp. No matter how cold, wet, or dark it is.

Now, imagine outfitting an RV or travel trailer from the comfort of your own home. Filling it with all the food, equipment, and supplies you and your party will need for the entire trip along with having a place to keep food away from wild critters your clothes stay clean and dry. Then, when you arrive, you simply fold out the stairs, go inside, and begin your adventure.

Camping Convenience

As each member of the hunting party harvests an animal, you must find a way to safely store the meat until you get to the processor. Protecting the meat from predators, dirt, heat, and bugs can be a chore. Wrapping your meat in game bags and throwing it into a cooler with ice is one method, but imagine having a clean place to quarter and bone an animal right at the campsite. This lets you package it for transport much more effectively. The ability to clean yourself up afterwards answers important safety and sanitation concerns, too.

Experience Comfort with an RV

Hunting is a strenuous activity that is both physically and mentally demanding. You are always facing whatever mother nature throws at you: Wind, rain, ice or snow. But you don’t have to endure the elements during the entire trip.

Being able to get into a comfortable environment is possibly the greatest benefit of using an RV or travel trailer for your hunting trip. Drying off, warming up, and sleeping in a comfortable bed help hunters sleep well and charge up for the next day. Eating well-prepared food rather than snack rations helps hunters keep up their strength and stamina. In fact, this is extremely important for longer hunts requiring more focus and endurance.

Going inside allows modest hunters and family members to change in privacy, something that is difficult when sharing a tent. Toilet facilities may be a requirement for some as well. Young and inexperienced hunters are less likely to end their hunting career early if they enjoy the entire experience, from hunting to camping.

Choose Your Experience

Has anyone ever complained about being too comfortable? I don’ think so. It is time to consider an RV rental for your next hunting trip. Before you rent, here are some things to consider to make it the most cost effective for you:

How much space do you need?

This includes sleeping quarters, a kitchen area, or living and dining rooms. The ages and number of people in your party usually drives this need. That said, longer trips might dictate more room so you can bring more supplies, food, and clothing.

What amenities do you need?

For instance, do the kids want to watch TV during their downtime? Even if you are roughing it, do you need a full bath and kitchen to keep your family happy?

Simply put, there is no ‘one size fits all' solution when taking a trailer on a hunting trip. However, whether you choose a pop-up trailer or a self-contained RV, you will enjoy the warmth and comfort.

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