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Our Favorite RV Destination (It's Rarely Talked About!)

Updated: Feb 1

Travelling in an RV is exciting—from the site of the open road sprawling out in front of you to being able to pull over and sleep just about anywhere without paying for a hotel, there just isn’t much that beats an RV vacation.

However, this incredible mode of travel does seem to have one major downfall: with the option to go anywhere you want, how do you choose where to go?

The Redwood National Forest is a massive area of wilderness that contains the largest trees in the United States—including many that are big enough to drive through.🌳🚙

These incredible feats of nature can reach diameters of over 24 feet across and are effective at making you feel very humble in your presence.

No matter who you are, we think everyone should see the redwoods at least once in their lives.